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Welcome to River Rock German Shepherd Dogs in St. Cloud Minnesota

Sera puppies
Sera with the Tucker X Sera Newborns

RiverRock 2015 Puppies

I am planning two breedings in the Fall of 2015. Champion RiverRock’s Straight From The Heart TC HSAsd (Sera) will be bred to Award of Excellence Select Excellent Champion Laslar-Candia’s Black Bart TC RN (Bart) in mid-September. I am taking two more reservations for companion dogs and two more reservations for show-quality dogs from this litter. In mid-November, Award of Excellence Select Excellent Champion RiverRock’s Starlett O’Hara TC PT (Star) will be bred. A stud choice will be finalized in October at the German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Specialty Show. I will post a picture of the stud, and a litter pedigree, here once the choice of stud has been made. I am taking 2 more reservations for companion dogs and 3 more reservations for show-quality dogs from this litter. Star will be bred again in the summer of 2016.

In order to help puppy buyers find quality puppies from reputable breeders, rather than falling victim to the German Shepherd "working line" puppy mills that populate the internet, I will also be working with a couple of other reputable breeders who share my values and standards regarding the breeding of the highest quality animals for show, companionship, and the betterment of the breed as a whole. If you are interested in having me locate a puppy for you from among my breeder friends, email your responses to the puppy application below to me at zrockenstein@yahoo.com. Puppies from the other breeders I deal with will be sold, and guaranteed, on my RiverRock contract. I will be your support person in the same way that I support buyers of the puppies I breed.

Please do not call me prior to sending your application. I will only discuss puppies with pre-qualified buyers. You will be promptly notified by email as to the status of your application. If approved, you will be welcome to call and/or schedule a visit.

The AKC German Shepherd Breed Standard guides and determines our breeding decisions. In the interest of strengthening the breed through genetic diversity, we are also working with some of the best German/European show lines in our breeding program at this time. We do not support, condone, or work with, breeders who breed for fad colors or sizes (e.g. whites, blues, pandas, fawns, isabellas, King Shepherds, Shiloh Shepherds, etc). Such practices bilk a naïve public and are not in the best interest of the breed. Likewise we do not condone or support puppy mills or high-volume pet market breeders.

We take the screening of breeding stock and the selection of buyers equally seriously and do our best to match the right puppy with the right owner.

Puppy Application and Placement Process
at RiverRock German Shepherds

Questions for Prospective Puppy Buyers (Application). Please copy and paste these questions into an email along with your responses.

  1. Why do you want a German Shepherd? Do you have a preference for a male or female? If so, why?
  2. Have you owned a German Shepherd previously? If so, where did you acquire your dog(s), and what was your experience with the dog(s)?
  3. Will you be willing to attend puppy socialization and/or obedience classes with your new puppy?
  4. How did you learn about my dogs?
  5. Do you have any interest in showing, breeding, or competing in performance events?
  6. Do you own your home?
  7. Do you have a fenced yard or kennel area? What type of fencing do you have or plan to construct? Note: I do not sell puppies to people who plan to use “invisible fencing” or other training methods that involve shock collars.
  8. Do you own other dogs? If so, how many?
  9. Do you have children? If so, how old are they?
  10. What would a puppy’s typical day be like at your house?
  11. Where are you located (city, state)?
  12. Since I do not ship puppies, or sell to people I have not met face-to-face, will you be able to pick up your puppy in person at my kennel?
River & Honah with Tucker X Karla Puppies

Puppy Prices and Deposits.  Only dogs of top show quality, with sound temperaments and OFA certified hips and elbows, are bred at RiverRock.  Companion puppies are priced at $3500.00 and show-quality puppies at $5000.00.  A $1,000.00 deposit is required to reserve a puppy.  Personal checks are accepted for the deposit.  If your application has been approved, you may choose to mail your deposit right away in order to secure a place on the reservation list.  You will receive a receipt by email. This receipt guarantees you a full refund if either you change your mind for any reason prior to the whelping date or if, following the puppy evaluation, we do not have a puppy that is a good match for you. If this is the case, I will be happy to refer you to other reputable breeders of quality dogs in the area. The balance of the purchase price will be due in cash when the puppy is picked up between 8-10 weeks of age.

Show-quality puppies are reserved for those who commit to working with an approved professional handler and showing the dog to its championship. I am happy to mentor beginners.

Companion puppies are strictly placed as pets and not as show or breeding stock. Therefore, they are sold on a limited registration. This means that, while your dog will be fully AKC registered, have an AKC number, and be allowed to participate in AKC performance events like obedience, rally, herding, and agility, no progeny of your dog can be registered with the AKC. This is done to discourage indiscriminate breeding. Limited registration also restricts the dog from being shown in conformation.

You will be given a range of dates to pick up your puppy. Puppies must be picked up during this time period. I do not board puppies for vacations, family events, etc.

Aunt Sunny with the Star Litter


Visiting RiverRock German Shepherds.  If your application is approved, you are welcome to visit our home and spend time with the RiverRock dogs. Interacting with the dogs will give you an opportunity to experience the type of temperament and personality our dogs have.
We will discuss any additional questions or issues you would like to address. I will show you pictures of the sire and of dogs in the litter pedigree. I will go over my breeding program. We will discuss the puppy evaluation process and anticipated placement dates. These meetings normally run about 90 minutes. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your family. Children will be required to be quiet, calm, and well behaved around the puppies.

If you live out of state, and a preliminary meeting is not possible, you can mail your deposit and we can conference by phone. However, I do not ship puppies, or sell puppies to people I have not met, so you must make arrangements to pick your puppy up at the kennel on the arranged date. Once your application has been approved, you can mail a deposit at any time.  Sometimes it takes awhile to schedule a visit if you have a busy schedule.  Litters are reserved very quickly.



Successful Placement of a German Shepherd Puppy
The successful placement of companion puppies in appropriate situations, where they will be loved as family members, taken to a puppy socialization class, obedience trained, and well cared for throughout their lifetimes, is every bit as important to me as finding and placing the next champion. I will be in contact with you periodically and will be available to answer questions and make suggestions throughout the lifetime of your dog. You will receive periodic newsletters and at important developmental milestones.

You will be invited to join our Facebook group and become part of the community of RiverRock puppy owners. I will expect you to provide the best possible home for your puppy. You can expect me to provide ongoing breeder support and excellent customer service. I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Zoa Rockenstein - zrockenstein@yahoo.com - 320-492-4158 (CST) - Remember to submit a puppy application by email before contacting me about puppy availability.

  Black Bart 1   Black Bart 2
AOE Sel Ex Ch Laslar-candia black bart rn tc (bart) x
ch riverrock's straight from the heart hsasd tc (sera)

Click here to see a pedigree of the Bart X Sera litter



  STAR in motion
AOE Select Excellent ch. riverrock's starlett o'hara pt tc (star)

In addition to possessing beautiful breed type and outstanding movement, Bart, Sera, and Star have what it takes to be accomplished, titled working dogs. They all embody everything that is ideal to me in a German Shepherd: Soundness, Performance, Beauty, and Style.  All are OFA certified for hips and elbows.


A portion of every puppy sale goes to support German Shepherd health research conducted by the AKC, German Shepherd Dog Club of America, or specific university veterinary schools.